creative upstarts


I founded this company in November of 2017,  a little over a year after graduating from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. In that year, I paused production on a feature documentary on the topic of Romantic Love, almost lost my life in a serious car crash, and worked hard to save the money necessary to get the capital I needed to start doing film work again, so that I could fall in love again with what I was doing with my life. Filmmaking is my passion; it is the most accessible story-telling medium, designed so that even the most humble of backgrounds can understand its beauty and so that people who live worlds away from each other can learn to understand one another.  And, I am a storyteller. All stories carry beauty and value and weight, and there is no story more treasured or more immortal than that of the love story. I am enthralled and excited by love stories, and I think the union of two people in love is one of our most precious traditions. So I have taken it upon myself to be as good as I can be to immortalize our triumphs and to preserve them for generations to come, to relish in our modern fairy tales. 

Not just weddings, though, I want to capture joy throughout experience. A birthday party, a rite of passage, a corporate get-together, filming music and making music with film. I have assembled a team and continue to teach people who normally find getting into film difficult to work with whomever we may to bring these memories to light, to capture these celebrations and to contain them in 1080p diamonds. We strive to celebrate with you. We take your contagious smiles and make them epidemic. We want nothing more than to grab the lightning of your joy and trap it in a camera box and then turn around and light everything around us with it. When we work together, you are working with people who enjoy what they do, who respect you and themselves, and work with an enthusiasm that cannot be matched. We are young, but all that means is we have much more to prove and more energy to do so.

We look forward to making you smile.

~ Nikolas Reda-Castelao