Our bread and butter, meats and potatoes, the foundation of our dream-weaving. We capture your perfect day through our professional cinema-focused equipment, both visual and audio, and will produce for you a highlight film that you can share with all your friends and family. We can also make for you an assembly of the day's events and give those off to through USB or Blu-ray. 


Private Events

We are the ideal group to work with for corporate events, birthday parties, and so on. We take our high level of professionalism and experience in event videography~ we have done university-sponsored graduation parties, speed dating events and festival coverage~ and apply it to all our work. We operate on the notion that you don't need to break the bank to have amazing footage of your special moments. 


Music video

Less our forte, but we are eager to break into this field. We love music. We collaborate with musicians often and have an in house composer, we feel the energy of sound is so essential to proper filmmaking. We offer competitive rates and a professional attitude in the making of your music video.  

We also cover live shows for any musicians to have high quality concert video to share online or provide in their portfolio.